New Course: Mastering Microcontroller

Ever wanted to master the MCU and its Peripheral programming completely from scratch?

“Your Search for In-depth Microcontroller Programming Course ends here”

Master Behind the Scene working!
I created this course because I believe your time is precious, and you shouldn’t have to hunt around to get a practical foundation In Embedded System Programming. In this course, you are going to learn writing your own peripheral driver for most of the commonly used peripherals such as GPIOs, I2C, SPI, USART, etc. and interesting thing is that you are going to learn everything from scratch.

No 3rd party libraries!

No blind coding!

Write your own Driver APIs by dealing with the Peripheral Registers of the MCU!
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Customer Reviews

During the first few lectures, I thought I was not learning something new. However, in the later lectures (from the NVIC lecture to be precise), I started to learn several new and exciting concepts. I definitely recommend this course to people who want to start embedded programming on ARM Cortex.

Suggestion: It will be better if Kiran could include a P.I.P. video with the programming exercises, especially the interrupt ones. I was a little left out when I was not able to see how the board is responding to the programs.

Raashid Ansari

Very nice presentation most of the time. Sometimes however, it it would have been worthwhile to extend an explanation a bit for special topics like NVIC routing and interrupt configuration in code. A bit more extensive coding examples maybe. Worth the money otherwise.

Mike D.

Very interesting and informative course for embedded engineers. Basic knowledge of embedded C is needed.

Alex Sh

Wonderful and fantastic. Every content in the slide has something to learn and the teaching by the instructor is superb. Thxs Kiran and Udemy !!

Niranjan Reddy

Amazing Course, Fast learning and ready material to get hands on work!

Ignacio Vizzo

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