Bus Protocols and Bus interfaces of Cortex M3/M4 Prcoessor

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In this Article, let’s explore about the Bus protocols and bus interfaces used in the Cortex m3 /m4 processor based MCUs There are 2 bus protocols, which are very famous for interconnection between processor and the various Peripheral of the microcontroller. 1) The AHB Lite 2) APB The AHB Lite The Cortex M3/M4 processor use

Quick STM32F407 Discovery board test with blinky application

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In this Post, I will show you how to quickly test your STM32F4 discovery board with a blinky application To locate the blinky application browse through the software pack installation folder. If you have not done any software pack installation , then watch this video . all software packs will be downloaded into Keil installation

ARM Cortex M processor reset sequence

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In this post let’s understand the RESET sequence of the Cortex M3/M4 processor. It will answer the question, what happens when you reset the processor Remember, the addressable memory space of the processor always starts with zero i.e 0x00000000 The beginning of the memory space starting from zero, actually contains the "vector table". Vector table

I2c : Protocol Decoding and Debugging using Saleae USB Logic Analyzer

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In this video I am going to explain Protocol Decoding and Debugging using Saleae USB Logic Analyzer . Let see how we can decode and debug the I2C Protocol using this logic analyzer software and hardware. This is indeed a very powerful technique and saves lot of embedded code debugging time.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6LLTDWHMf8