Embedded Linux Step by Step using Beaglebone Black

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What Will You Learn?
  • Understanding ROM –Uboot-Kernel boot process on Linux-ARM systems and Testing
  • Kernel, Bootloaders compilations Step-by-Step and testing on Beaglebone Hardware
  • U-Boot, MLO, SPL, explanation and Testing
  • Understanding various sub systems of AM335x SOC such as GPIOs, I2C, MMC, boot modes ,etc
  • Understanding platform devices and how it works
  • Understanding ARM-board configuration files
  • Linux device Tree
  • Understating various boot modes of AM335x
  • eMMC OS updating and booting new Debian OS
  • Serial booting (UART)
  • TFTP booting
  • NFS booting
  • Beaglebone Networking
  • Busybox compilations and Testing
  • Configuring and using Buildroot on Beablebone
  • Writing uEnv dot txt from scratch and Testing
  • Using I2C tools on BBB
  • Hardware interfacing projects and ‘C’ application development using Eclipse IDE
  • GPIO programming
  • Interfacing external LEDs, 7 segment displays and code development
  • Interfacing LCD and related projects
  • Interfacing MPU6050 sensor and tilt sensing
  • EEPROM programming

The course is designed for Beginners to Advanced audience.

A comprehensive and practical course on learning Embedded Linux systems on Beaglebone hardware 

100% hands on and step by step explanation using hardware

Brief Description:
This Course Demystifies learning Embedded Linux Systems and running embedded Linux and its various components on the Beaglebone hardware . See above “what will i learn?? ” section to understand what this course promises !

  • Interesting Hardware interfacing projects and well explained inner working details step by step
  • ‘C’ application development using Eclipse IDE for your Beaglebone hardware
  • At the end of the each section students will have exciting assignments to complete which strengthen  their understanding deeply
  • Embedded Linux quizzes to test your Understanding
  • Do it yourself projects and help from the author to complete the projects.

Future updates 

1)  Wireless networking projects using Beaglebone

2)  Audio / Video projects

3)  Touchscreen interfacing and much more .


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